Rebelway FX Challenge

This project was for an FX challenge by Rebelway on The Rookies.

Environment and animated characters were given, while all the FX were to be added.


When I first saw the animation it reminded me of a scene in a DnD campaign I’m having with my friends, so my intent is to recreate that scene.

So, in my story, the beast would be a sort of Ankheg, an aberration that travels underground and attacks with its mighty claws and spits a toxic acid; the cyborg would be a wizard, it would attack the beast with a fireball and defend itself with sort of lava gauntlet growing out of its arm.

The battle ground is a muddy terrain with polls and the Ankhegcomes out from underneath one of those.

Hydralisk burst R&D

hese are some tests I’ve been doing for the hydralisk burst: starting with a RBD sim for the terrain, then trying some FLIP simulations for a water surface and trying to understand how to combine both to get the muddy terrain I’m looking for.

Feel free to hit the button below and reach out!


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