Learning Python for Houdini.

In this article I’ll collect my results going through the Rebelway workshop “Python for Houdini artists”.

Since I have a developer background, I will omit the scripts from the first two weeks because they are a recap of some Python basics and syntax.

You may explore all the project files and scripts on github: https://github.com/arche94/Py4HouArtists

Test scene buider

The first script I built generates a test scene with a front camera, a front and a back light and a plane in the center. All of it is parented to a control node, so it’s possible to transform the entire scene.

Spaceship fleet

In this script I wanted to take a spaceship asset with some variations and instantiate it on some scattered points randomizing its shape, and finally create a thruster group, which can be used to create the engine flame sim.



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