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Paolo Preziuso

I was born in Lucera, a little town in the south of Italy, then I went in Pisa and got a Computer Science degree.

I’ve been developing my passion for visual effects since I was 18 years old, at first as a hobby, but soon it became an obsession.

For years I’ve been using my spare time to learn as much as I could about the industry and fell in love with large scale destruction effects.

My dream is to go back in Lucera one day and plant the seed for a new creative environment that may attract people from all over the world.


Learning VEX

This project will collect my path through the “VEX for Houdini artists” by Rebelway. HScript HScript was an old Houdini…

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Houdini studies

These are my first approaches to SideFX Houdini, a journey under the amazing guidance of RebelwayFX teachers and community. Fundamentals…

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