Live Action Series Term 1

In the first project of the Live Action Series course, Allan McKay teaches how to reproduce a full procedural workflow for an heavy weight destruction sim.


The first step was resolving the dynamics that will drive the fluid simulations.

Passes developed:

  • main RBD sim
  • further fragmentation for bigger pieces
  • main glass fragmentation
  • roughness details on broken edges


Once fixed the dynamics, it was time to make the real explosion.

In this preview all the elements are combined together, but the simulations were made in several separate passes:

  • debris fire burst, spreading from the building pieces, it is the most esplosive pass
  • explosion plume, hardly visible actually, since it blends in the debris fire burst element, that is much bigger
  • dust trails, going far away from the building
  • fire inside the builind
  • smoke column, raising from the explosions location
  • window dust, falling from a wider area of the building as a consequence of the explosions’ shockwave (in this preview it actually was not added, yet)


To add more detail, some lightweight secondary elements were added.

Secondary passes:

  • more debris
  • glass shards
  • sparks
  • floating paper pieces
  • more non simulated dust


After all was simulated and rendered, it was time to go to and blend it all together.

Unfortunately I don’t have a preview of all the passes that I put out for compositing and lighting, but I wanted to list them anyway, for completeness’s sake:

  • beauty pass, for the materials of building walls and windows
  • fire global illumination, for the light projected by the explosions on the building
  • reflections, of the fire on the building windows
  • destruction matte painting
  • scorchmarks matte painting

Final result

Considering this is my first heavy weight project, I think it came out pretty good. I hope you will think the same.



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