Houdini studies

These are my first approaches to SideFX Houdini, a journey under the amazing guidance of RebelwayFX teachers and community.


During the first week, we approached the basics of proceduralism in Houdini and how it could be applied to create simple but effective effects without any kind of simulation, just using points: definitely a useful approach, you can apply it, since it is very time efficient.


The second week was about particle simulations, a very effective tool that can be used to create effects applying forces and collisions.

As a bonus, throughout this course were added lessons to replicate the effects involved in a shot used in the promo: here’s some R&D I tried to emulate for it.


During the third week of the course, the lessons went about the several ways Houdini has to treat volumes to create smoke effects.


In the fourth week finally we get to learn several ways to define shaders, light the scene and render geometry and particles using Mantra, the Houdini built in renderer, in the most efficient way.


The fourth week it was time for the destruction pipeline: how to fracture a geometry, manage constraints between the fragments and efficiently add details to fractured faces.


After the destruction, dust and debris needed to be added to the scene, so the sixth week was about how to combine particles and smoke simulations to obtain great looking effects with the destruction.

Volume rendering

The seventh week was dedicated to explore and tweak the billowy smoke preset volume shader to manipulate how to render temperature and smoke interictions with scene lights.

Water simulations

During the eighth week of the course, we went through the FLIP and whitewater workflows in Houdini.

Water rendering

The ninth week of the course consisted in a deep study of water and whitewater shading.


To end this first journey into Houdini, we got a glance of Solaris, SideFx implementation of USD, a standard for sharing assets and scene through softwares, and I set up some simple assets and a simple scene.



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